Engfest 2.0

An immersive engineering experience for secondary school students
Ticket ballot open until 21 December 2018

Fast forward

For practising engineers:

a future looking conference that looked at how science and engineering is changing the way we live and work


For teachers and KS3 students:

a series of interactive events promoting science and engineering to 11-14 year olds

Engineer the Future

EngFest is your chance to experience the global impact of science and engineering through a series of mind-blowing talks, workshops and interactive exhibits.

Two events for the next generation of engineers:

Fast Forward: For A-Level students

EngVentures: For Key Stage 3 and 4 students

Fast Forward into the future

At Fast Forward you will hear from some of the world’s leading engineers and innovators. Explore the latest trends and technologies that are changing the way we live, learn and work and how these technologies are increasingly shaping the future.
Venture towards your engineering career

EngVentures combines hands-on workshops, talks and exhibits that will show 11-16 year olds more about the exciting world of engineering and technology, and give practical information and advice on ways to pursue engineering as a career.
See what happened last year

See highlights from EngFest 2.0 with our Flickr gallery.
Watch EngFest 2.0 on-demand

Nothing can beat the experience of being at EngFest in person, but as a second-best option, take a look at the talks online. Teachers are welcome to use the talks as part of their educational resources.


Roma Agrawal

Roma Agrawal - EngVentures speaker

Structural engineer and designer of bridges, skyscrapers and sculptures, including the foundations and spire of The Shard


Max Scott-Slade

Max Scott-Slade - EngVentures speaker

Launcher of games including The Heist series, Comatose, the Banana Dash series and High Speed Chase


David Howard

Professor David Howard - EngVentures speaker

Head of Electronic Engineering, Royal Holloway University of London


Andrew Smyth

Andrew Smyth - EngVentures speaker

Aerospace Engineer, Baker and Presenter


Haiyan Zhang

Haiyan Zhang - Fast Forward speaker

Innovation director of Microsoft Research Cambridge, designer, technologist, inventor and maker of things


Rob Bell

Rob Bell - Fast Forward speaker

TV Presenter, Broadcaster, Adventurer, Engineering, Thrill Seeker


Mischa Dohler

Mischa Dohler - Fast Forward speaker

Full Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London


Lewis Dartnell

Prof. Lewis Dartnell - EngVentures speaker

Astrobiologist and author of The Knowledge: how to rebuild our world from scratch


Mark Miodownik

Mark Miodownik - Fast Forward speaker

Author of the bestselling Stuff Matters and presenter of shows including Materials and Chef vs. Science


Sabine Hauert

Sabine Hauert - Fast Forward speaker

Designer of swarms of nanobots for biomedical applications


News feed

4 September 2017

Tune in live on 17 October

We’ll be broadcasting all the EngFest talks live from this website

8 June 2017

Two weeks to book

Be sure you have your name in the ticket ballot by 23 June to be in with a chance of EngFest tickets

25 April 2017

Prof. Lewis Dartnell confirmed as our first EngVentures speaker

He is an astrobiologist and author of The Knowledge: how to rebuild our world from scratch

13 April 2017

New speaker joins the festival line-up

Mark Miodownik, Materials Engineer and Professor of Materials and Society, UCL confirms as a speaker

3 April 2017

The ticket ballot is now open!

View the book tickets page to get your name in the ticket ballot

24 March 2017

The ticket ballot opens 3 April 2017!

Get your name in the ticket ballot by 23 June 2017

17 March 2017

New speaker confirmed!

Bristol University’s Sabine Hauert to speak on swarm robotics at Fast Forward

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